Friday, 20 April 2018

20 Minute Challenge - Day 115

Designed and printed an intial version of the M113 Beobachtungspanzer superstructure. The one on the left is the original scratch built version.  I have since designed a new version which has the optics and the second hatch in the closed position rather than having to butcher two BF M113 kits just to get the hatches.  Had to fudge the dimensions a little bit to make it fit the BF hull which seems to be a little narrower than the drawings I am working from. Oh well these are for gaming.  Might try and get a high quality print done just to see what it looks like

Thursday, 19 April 2018

20 Minute Challenge - Day 114

Day 114 (19 Apr)

New toy arrived. (Not completely mine, but while learning how to make things I can use this for some personal projects).

Spent a couple of hours designing the superstructure for the M113 Beobachtungspanzer and the M113A1G front plate to use as components for my West Germans. Also knocked up a turret ring for a M5 Recce Jalopy in 15mm.